50% Down Payment EA Mattes

We are trying to help make your EA Mattes dreams a reality by introducing our new 50% Down Payment option available on all EA Mattes products.

This means that you can design your dream saddle blanket with all the extra's you were hoping for, and only pay 50% upfront to secure your order, and don't pay the remaining 50% until your order is ready to be shipped 6-8 weeks later!

The best news? Both your 50% deposit, and final 50% payment can both be paid via AFTERPAY, PayPal or Credit Card!

How do you select the 50% Down Payment?
When designing your new Mattes product, you will come across a drop down box asking if you would like to only pay 50% (see image below)


Once you have finished shipping you will the need to checkout and fill in all your billing and shipping details. 
You will then get to a "Payment Method" page, where you will have a number of options available. You want to choose "50% Down Payment"

After you have placed your order you will the  get 2 following emails
Email 1. will be an automatic confirmation email sent to you straight after you've placed the order
Email 2. will come approximately 24 hours after you placed your order, and it will be an invoice for the 50% down payment 

Once your 50% deposit has been made, we will submit the order to EA Mattes

The next steps to the process is the final 50% payment
You will receive another invoice approx 6-8 weeks advising that your new Mattes product is ready to be shipped and the final amount is due to be paid before we can send it.


If your 50% deposit invoice is not received within 24 hours please contact us and we will get this sorted for you. 


A few T&C's for this payment method
- Because EA Mattes are a custom made product, there is strictly no refunds or exchanges on these products. We will no refund your 50% deposit because of change of mind. 
- If you cannot pay for the final 50% due when the product arrives, please just let us know so we are aware. We are more than welcome to extend the time for you to make final payment. Once again however, we will under no circumstance, refund the initial 50% deposit.
- If you do not make payment within 30 days of us trying to get in contact with you, or respond to any of our communication, we will send you a letter to your billing address and if 14 days pass, again with no communication back, we will resell your item and you will forfeit the 50% deposit.