Delivery time gurantee NEW

We are now offering customers a 30% reimbursement (via store gift cards) if your custom made order is fulfilled* later than the expected time frame! Wow!

So what does this truly mean? 

Pretty much exactly what we just said... we trust that the timeframes we advertise are accurate, and to prove it we are offering customers whose orders are fulfilled after their expected order ETA a 30% gift card back reimbursement for the inconvenience of the extended wait time. 

The 30% will be paid in gift cards to the store which can be used store wide, on any of our products!

Please remember
- The term *Fulfilment means that the parcel has been shipped but may not have been delivered to your property yet (ie. you have been given tracking details, but the courier hasn't arrived with your goods)
- This is only valid for orders placed after 1st April 2018
- This offer is also not valid for orders place in the lead up to Christmas (mid November onwards) as, naturally, most manufacturers experience higher volumes during this time

- If you have purchased multiple items and only part of your order is delayed you are only eligible to receive the 30% cash back for the delayed item/s. If in this instance we know we can deliver the remaining items within the timeframe you will be given the option to either have this shipped earlier, or leave until all items are ready to be shipped. Please expect additional shipping charges if this option is given. 

- This offer is only available for the original purchase. It does not include if orders are changed after the original order, and it does not include exchanges. 

- This offer is only valid for EA Mattes products and Royal Sports brands.