Datatag Single Saddle Security Marking System

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Electronic Security Identification System for Equestrian Saddle and Tack

Theft of saddles and tack has risen sharply over the last few months with many agistment centres being cleaned out overnight by increasingly audacious thieves.

Datatag provides a simple to fit electronic 'finger print' for your saddle together with a warning decal for the tack room. 

Unlike some similar systems on the market, Datatag uses a transponder that is resistant to the crush and shear that occurs in a saddle and benefits from the comprehensive infrastructure of Police scanners to support the Datatag system. 

Datatag is easy and quick to install at home with no special tools needed. Alternatively you can use your local saddler to install it for you.
You can view the full installation video here:

If you have more than one saddle, you can purchase a set of three HERE

This pack includes:
- 1x button tags
- 1x button tag applicator
- 1x A5 adhesive tack room sticker
- 1x Silver Datatag metal saddle studs
- 1x Dots & DNA
- 1x online registration form

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Further information & FAQ's

What happens if my item is stolen?
The data tag works similarly to a microchip, but for you saddle. It cannot notify police of it's whereabouts however it will deter thieves as your saddle is registered under you name and contact details, meaning there is an inability to resell on, or use for personal use without questions being asked.
If you saddle is stolen, please advise Police immediately and then contact Datatag with your membership number.

What happens if I sell my saddle?
The Datatag membership is transferable, and for a small re-registration fee, the new keeper can have their name and address added to the secure Datatag database.

Do transponders ever wear out?
No, the transponders contain no batteries or other service parts and will last for many decades.