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The SUPREME PRODUCTS® Body Wrap, made from the finest grade 4 way stretch Lycra mix, is a superb garment for aiding in preparation by laying the coat, adding condition and shine and keeping plaits intact and pristine. 

This garment can be used whilst travelling and also stabling, in place of duvets or as a lightweight rug. It should be close fitting, but not tight. It has a 12" underbelly strap and leg straps to hold it securely and comfortably. We recommend finishing off with a fillet string.

These garments are based on Riding Pony / Riding Horse types for sizing. For natives and chunkier 'types' you need to purchase the next garment size up from the hand size (i.e. for a 13.2hh Section C, please use a 14.2hh garment).

There should be excess material in the neck and this should be above the level of the rug for ease of movement and flexibility.

Fitting: For a pony / horse that falls between two sizes, our guidance is to go to the next size up, i.e. a 13hh pony would normally be best suited to a 13.2hh garment (up to 13.2hh), whereas at 13.3hh pony would nomally go in to a 14.2hh garment. These are guideline sizes only as each an every animal is different, but with the lycra garments, these should be close-fitting but not tight. If the garment is baggy and loose, this would indicate it may be too big.

Guideline sizing:


Size of pony / horse                                               Size of garment recommended


Up to 12.0hh / 122cm                                                            12.0hh


Between 12.1hh and 12.2hh / 123cm – 124cm                      12.2hh                 


Between 12.3hh and 13.2hh / 125 cm – 134cm                     13.2hh


Between 13.3hh and 14.2hh / 135cm – 144cm                      14.2hh


Between 14.3hh and 15.2hh / 145cm – 154cm                      15.2hh


Between 15.3hh and 16.2hh / 155cm – 164cm                      16.2hh


Between 16.3hh and 17.2hh / 165cm – 174cm                      17.2hh